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Lash Tutorials

How to Curl False Lashes Tutorial

The key to curling false eyelashes is a combination of heat and curl without giving the lashes a sharp kink. There are a couple of ways that you can achieve […]


Introducing the “Companion” Eyelash Glue!

Introducing ESQIDO “Companion”; our invisible eyelash glue with all day hold. Specially formulated for mink lashes and latex-free, it’s a gentle mixture that extends the life of […]

Lash Tutorials

How to Remove Strip False Lashes

One of the simplest ways to remove false strip eyelashes is by using eyelash glue remover. This can be found at many beauty supply retailers or online. You’ll get the […]

Lash Tutorials

How to Size Your False Lashes

When you first get your false eyelashes, take a look at the vein that holds all of the lashes together.  Most strip eyelashes have an inner […]

Lash Tutorials

Tips for Stay-at-Home moms

Stay-at-home moms are a growing class of women all across the world. They live every day catering to their partners, their children, their pets, and their friends. Unfortunately, all too […]

Lash Tutorials

Benefits of Lower Lashes

Most importantly, lashes can be added to the lower eyelid in order to balance out the look of your eyes and really enhance their shape. If you’re like many women […]