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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is Nolla Lashes handmade? How it is different from machine made lashes?

How do I choose the right lash for my eyes shape?

I like one of your eyelash collection but it is not matching with my eyeshape! Should I buy it?

What are 3D lashes?

How many times can I wear my Nolla lashes?

Which eyelash glue works best for my Nolla Lashes?

Can I curl my Nolla lashes?

How do I trim my Nolla Lashes to fit my Eye lid size?

How do I apply and remove my Nolla false eyelashes?

My false lashes are not sticking correctly on my eyelids, what am I doing wrong?

Is Nolla Lashes a cruelty free brand?

I’m unable to place an order online, what should I do?

Do you offer wholesale accounts? How do I place an order for big quantity?


How long should I wait for my package to arrive?

I placed an order online, how do I track my order?

I reside outside the United States, are customs and taxes included in shipping cost?

I haven't received my package, what should I do?

Return and Exchange

What is your exchange, return and refund policy?

I placed an order but want to modify my purchase (add item, remove item, increase or decrease quantity) what should I do?

What should I do if I received incorrect items?

If none of the above answered your query please contact our Customer Service team with any questions you may have.