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The world's most luxurious cosmetics company in Dubai

Dubai isn’t only a place for leisure and fancy towers, but the city is rapidly taking its place among the beauty and fashion capitals. The new capital has given birth to a new luxury cosmetics company called Nolla Cosmetics. The company is introducing itself as the most luxurious cosmetics products ever seen. Nolla Cosmetics is introducing several cosmetics products this year and announced its first product this week, false eyelashes. The company official said “We are proud to launch our first product with a wide variety of high quality eyelashes suitable for every eye shape. Our eyelashes are extremely comfortable and light in weight. We are sure our customers will love and feel the quality of our products. Our aim is to provide as much class into our products, granting a whole new idea for the beauty industry”.

The company is offering its products with distinctive designs and high-end packaging. Nolla isn’t only luxurious and stylish, but also provides high quality products that are worthy. The company is introducing three different collections: SO CUTE collection made for daytime makeup with delicate and dainty vibes. The ELEGANT collection is medium to high density, great for every occasion, and lastly the LUXURY collection with over 10 different styles made of fine fur and fibers offering multi-use, long and fierce lashes.

Nolla Cosmetics has started selling its eyelashes products through dedicated website. Its products are expected to hit the retail shelves before the end of this year.

For more information:

Media Relation: pr@nollacosmetics.com

General inquiries: info@nollacosmetics.com

Website:  www.nollalashes.com

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/nollalashes  

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nollalashes

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